Senior Project

"The future belongs those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” 

- Elanor Roosevelt

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Senior Project presentations were a GREAT success!

Congratulations Grads!

Senior Projects included:
  •     Rain Gardens - Natures Way of Purifying Our Water
  •     The Effects of Deforestation on Medicinal Plants
  •     Making WMAES a "Greener" Place to Learn!
  •     Recycling Computers and other E-Waste
  •     Using Native Michigan  Plants to  Landscape 
  •     Recycling Here and Around the World
  •     Reducing Air Pollution at WMAES One Car at a Time!
  •     Outdoor Winter Education: Michigan Birds
  •     Organic Gardening and Farming
  •     Reducing Styrofoam Use
  •      Water Pollution and Autism
  •      Maple Syruping
  •      The Effects of Severe Weather on Humans
  •      Using Mother Nature to Solve CRIME   
Thank you Max for letting us be a part of your Senior Project on E-Waste!



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