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"....To promote the Dexter Cattle Breed as a source of prime beef to new producers...."

The Dexter cow is a dual purpose cow, Native to Ireland, and like the Irish can be found in many countries throughout the world, including Australia, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Cuba, Argentina, Kenya, Canada, USA and many parts of Europe including the United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Denmark and Germany. 

This breed was bred from the Kerry and Mountain cattle by a Mr. Dexter in County Tipperary and was once known as the cottier cow or (poor mans cow). They were easily kept on the cottiers acre and provided an abundance of rich milk as well as a calf each year. They sometimes grazed the 'long acre' and kept the fences trimmed; they like a variety of vegetation. For this reason Dexter Cattle are used for conservation grazing in the UK and now in many parts of Ireland. Some countries now have their own breed societies, which goes to show how well the breed has become established worldwide.
The success of the Dexter over the last 25 - 30 years is quite remarkable. Their ability to adapt to varying and extreme climatic conditions and to different systems of management is a typical characteristic. The breed is now making a come back in Ireland as a beef breed. They are hardy animals, easily kept and will fatten on grass.  A small breed with plenty of milk and so are good sucklers. Because of their size they are not severe on land, they like the outdoors in winter and like a wide variety of vegetation. The beef is marbled and has a delicious suculent taste.