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Due to the departure of the UK from the EU from January next it will be necessary that all pedigree animals be registered in Republic of Ireland to be accepted in payments schemes by the DAFM

A herdbook will be established in The Republic of Ireland by The Irish Dexter Cattle Association; this will be the only acceptable means of Pedigree Registration for Dexters registered in RoI after December 2020


Newsletter        November 15th, 2020
Due to Brexit the Dexter Cattle Society UK will no longer be able to register the ROI animals in the Herd book and must remove all animals outside the United Kingdom from their herd book by 1/1/21 and transfer them to a Herd book where animals reside.
For this reason, the ROI Dexter Cattle Group have to set up an Irish Herd book. This process has commenced by setting up of a company limited by guarantee which is called the “Irish Dexter Cattle Association Co Ltd, to be known as The Irish Dexter Cattle Society”.
All new births from 1/1/21 will have to be registered with the new Irish Herd book. All the heifers and bulls intended for breeding will have to be genotyped which is the secure way of insuring purebred pedigree. The ROI Committee are liaising with the DAFM and ICBF in order to set up the Herd book.
Annual Membership Fees & all registration fees will have to be paid to the Irish Dexter Cattle Association Co Ltd to ensure the ROI Dexter herd remains Purebred Registered in order to comply with the DAFM and EU Grant Schemes. A new Website which can be used to register animals online and to receive payments from members is about to be ordered by Ciaran Culkin. Our existing website does not have these facilities and soon will no longer be supported by Google.
I am sure this is coming as a surprise to many of our members. It also came as a surprise the ROI Dexter Cattle Group Committee, who were informed by the Department of Agriculture and Marine (DAFM) that unless we set up our own Herd book our animals will no longer be eligible for GLAS,Rare breed and other EU Schemes. We also have been in touch with the Irish Cattle Breeders Federation (ICBF), who will be assisting in the recording of data of our dexter cattle herd.
I have served on the DCS UK Council for the past 3 years and I put my name forward which was ratified at the DCS AGM on the 10/10/20 to represent the ROI members. The ROI Group have played 
an important role in running and modernisation of the DCS.  
We have asked the DCS UK to transfer the Back-Pedigree Breeding of the Irish Dexter Herd and to inform the ROI membership what is about to take place. The DCS are required by their own Department of Agriculture (DEFRA) to remove the Irish Dexter Herd from the DCS UK Herd book and move them to the Irish Herd book but so far they are not engaging. Each ROI member is entitled to request the details of their own herd. Please find details on our website going forward. 

All Committee Members
Sean Flannery, John O Neill, Fergal Meehan, William O Halloran, David Murphy, Helen Melody, Conor Cagney, Liam Gavin, Sean Dineen, Bernie Commiskey, Oliver Davey, Henry Judge, Martin Heavey, Ciaran Culkin, Nealie Warren, Tom McDonald, Oliver Crowe, Peter Bryans, Anne Strahan, Jimmy Deasy, Ger Mulhall

Sean Flannery    


Letter from Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs DEFRA to Dexter Cattle Society UK

Dear Sir/Madam,
Zootech – Extended Breeding Programmes Following EU Exit
You will already be aware of the guide to zootechnical rules and standards from 1 January 2021 published on the government website here:


We are in the process of updating this to reflect the latest information on extended
breeding programmes, but in the meantime, we have detailed this below.
Following recent discussions with the European Commission, I can advise you that, 
after the end of the transition period i.e. 1st January 2021, UK breed societies will no 
longer have the opportunity to extend UK breeding programmes into EU Member States.
This will mean that from 1st January 2021 your Society will no longer be able to register
animals in your breeding book that are not kept within the UK. Any living animals that 
are currently registered in your breeding book, but kept in Member States, must be moved, 
by 1st January 2021, into an equivalent breeding book either within that Member State 
or within the EU if the equivalent breeding book is extended into the Member State of 
your Society member. 
We would advise that you contact any members you have within the EU to update them. 
This information has been issued by the Commission in a Stakeholder Notice.
If you have any questions, then please do get back to me.

Yours faithfully,

Zootechnical Team, Agri-Food Chain Directorate 
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
E: fangr@defra.gov.uk


      Promoting the Dexter Cattle        Breed  as a source of Prime Beef 

Endeavouring to Make Consumers Everywhere Aware of the Quality of this Succulent, Tender and Delicious Meat.


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