Little Red Riding Pixel

There once were a class and it's subclass in a program. And that subclass was the prettiest subclass ever written. The root liked her so much, that it marked it with a red pixel. It suited the subclass so well, that it got named Little Red Riding Pixel.



One day, her superclass told her: "Go, my subclass, and see what our root is doing, for I fear a parsing error suddenly appeared. Take her a basket of semicola."




"I shall follow your instructions", said Little Red Riding Pixel happily.




And so, Little Red Riding Pixel went her merry way.




She walked through the GrASCII fields with beautiful flowers and even some pretty animals...





...and into the dark forest of binary, where all but the most expert get lost and confused.





There, she met the big bad Microsoft Wolf.




...which did what is to expected from such a construct.




The little subclass is no more :( .