9:00-9:30 - Introduction followed by keynote by Sheelagh Carpendale

9:30-9:55 -  Session on Multi-User, Multi-Device Visualization (workshop paper PDF)
            Led by Kerstin Blumenstein, Wagner Markus, and Wolfgang Aigner

9:55-10:20 - Session on Large Display Visualization (workshop paper PDF)
     Led by Teresa Onorati, Petra Isenberg, Anastasia Bezerianos, Emmanuel Pietriga, and Paloma Diaz

10:20-10:40  Break

10:40 – 11:05: Session on Visualization Toolkits (workshop paper PDF)
Led by Juliana Leclaire and Aurélien Tabard

11:05-11:30: Session on Mobile Visualization (workshop paper PDF)
     Led by Ricardo Langner, Tom Horak, and Raimund Dachselt

11:30-11:55: Session on Visualization Applications for Interactive Surfaces (workshop paper PDF)
     Led by Till Nagel

11:55 – 12:30: Wrap-Up Session led by workshop organizers 
Discussion of joint projects or publications from the workshop