My name is Dewey Brooke, and I am a sixth generation Montanan from a small town of 300 called Pony. I enrolled at Montana State University in 2008 and graduated in 2012. From 2009 through 2013, I worked in the lab Dr. Brian Bothner. During that time I gained extensive experience in a wide-range of chemical and biochemical analytical equipment and techniques including LCMS, fluorescence, and electron microscopy. Currently, I am further developing these techniques in addition to learning others while working in the lab of Dr. Peter Prevelige at the University of Alabama Birmingham.  I have been exposed to a wide variety topics with a majority of my research focusing on the biochemical and biophysical characteristics of viruses. While at Montana State University, I studied the phospholipase a2 domain of adeno-associated virus, the assembly of hepatitis-b virus, and the maturation of nudaurelia capensis omega virus. Currently, I am studying the interaction between TRIM5a and HIV in hopes to better understand the mechanism of TRIM5a-mediated disassembly of HIV.

Picture taken of Hollowtop mountain with Pony located at the base of the hills.