Who we are

Who we are?

Members are the backbone of Dewdrops; Because Dewdrops is an organisation run by the contributions of the individual members from the Indian resident community in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The contribution is a nominal amount fixed by the Management Committee as a minimum guidance value towards the Charity Activities. The same shall be collected from the members on a monthly basis by the Representatives.

The Charity is managed by the President with the help of Management Committee. The Management Committee was formed by the Representatives of members from our community.

The Management Committee meets at a regular interval to decide on various issues like approval of requests, framing of guidelines and rules etc.

What we do & How?

We provide Educational assistance for the Poor Students of Schools, ITI, Polytechnic & other non-professional college courses. This educational assistance will be provided in the form of providing school fees, books, notebooks & uniforms.

Students requiring educational assistance are personally identified & referred by any of the members of Dewdrops. Members should fill-in the request form and submit the same to the representative with required documents. After verification the representative will submit the form to the Management Committee for the Review & Approval during our regular meeting. After the review the Management committee will approve / reject the applications.

If the request approved by the committee, the required assistance will be provided through the referrer (Referring Member). As a general guidance members should refer the candidate after ensuring that that the assistance doesn’t fall into wrong hands. It is the responsibility of the member to verify the proper utilisation of fund.

Members may also approach schools in rural areas and small towns and meet the school authorities in identifying suitable students.