Welcome to Dewdrops,

The main objective of Dewdrops is to give financial support to the poor students to continue their education.

We are inspired by the words of the great Tamil poet Bharadhiyar,


வீடு தோறும் கலையின் விளக்கம்,

வீதி தோறும் இரண்டொரு பள்ளி,

நாடு முற்றிலும் உள்ளன வூர்கள்

நகர்க ளெங்கும் பலபல பள்ளி;

தேடு கல்வியி லாததொ ரூரைத்

தீயி னுக்கிரை யாக மடுத்தல்

கேடு தீர்க்கும் அமுதமென் அன்னை

கேண்மை கொள்ள வழியிவை கண்டீர்.

- பாரதியார்


What we do,

We provide educational assistance in the form of providing school fees, books and notebooks and uniforms for poor students.

What you can do,

The wealthy can contribute in plenty;

The middle class provide whatever possible;

Those with no wealth to give can provide their good words;

The mighty can give their labour;

The woman can speak encouraging words and pray for our success;


Please join us to make our mission a big success.

Dewdrops is a charity organisation run by expatriate Indians residing in Abu Dhabi, UAE. for more details check our official blog http://dewdrops-uae.blogspot.com/