Ex-diabetic Engineer

AKA The Diabetes Engineer
DeWayne had never been sick a day in his life when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Just like many of you, he was shocked to say the least. Just like you, he didn't really know what to do, so he listened attentively to his doctors. He discovered that he was lucky to be alive and to have survived a diabetic coma with a blood glucose level of 1337. DeWayne didn't know what that really meant, but he could tell from the looks on the doctors' faces (at the hospital) that a glucose level that high wasn't good.

He found out later from his daughter that his blood glucose level was more than 1200 points above normal!

Are you skeptical? (I would be!).
Take a look at the doctor's medical report of DeWayne's blood glucose level and other health issues; or, watch a TV news video (below) or read what DeWayne's doctor said in a newspaper article about his miraculous recovery.

Fortunate for DeWayne, his daughter (Cynthia), his mother, and his sister (Margo) flew to Rochester to take care of him.

Learn how his daughter and his mother and sister helped save his life -- this is why a support system is so critical to beating this disease.

Despite two blood clots, high cholesterol, pneumonia and four insulin shots a day, DeWayne was able to use his engineering and biochemistry background to wean himself off the insulin, Coumadin and Lipitor -- to reverse his Type 2 diabetes. He lowered his average glucose level to 92.5 mg/dL and his hemoglobin A1C to 4.7%,  while losing 52 pounds to reverse his Type 2 diabetes within 4 months.

He credits his recovery to God, his doctors/nurses, his mother, his daughter Cynthia, a set of accidents (blessings), and his undying thirst for knowledge -- despite all of the "impossible" challenges 
he had to overcome.

With a lot of encouragement from his daughter, his mother and people from work, the local churches, wellness industry, and the ADA diabetic support group he was facilitating, DeWayne decided to write the book,
Death to Diabetes

This book explains his experience with diabetes, the real root causes of diabetes, and the pathogenesis of the disease. The book also explains how to reverse Type 2 diabetes and its complications -- by avoiding the 5 "dead" foods, eating the 5 "super" foods, taking the 5 critical wholefood nutritional supplements; following the Death to Diabetes®  Six (6) Stage Medical Wellness Model   and the Super Meal Model (THE Diabetes Diet); and, utilizing the 7 wellness factors, including consistent exercise, blood glucose testing/analysis, stress reduction, and spiritual health. His hope is that this book  and his wellness training programs will inspire you the way he was inspired -- by people he never would have met if it weren't for his experience with diabetes.

You have to be hongry to achieve success and step into your greatness.
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