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Lindo Family

Antone Pereira Lindo and Maria Lindo

Antone and Maria Lindo

The LINDO'S were Sephardic Jews of Spanish Portugal origin.

Our branch is of the Portugal origin.

The name Lindo means “pure” or “handsome”, I would love to know where they first settled, since most families took surnames from the cities where they settled.

During the Spanish Inquisition, many were tortured and 200,000 Jews, fled to other Countries. The ones that stayed had to convert.

Some of my questions are:

1. What happened to the Lindo's who stayed in Portugal?
I ask this because our records show our Antone Pereira Lindo as being born in the Azores.
2. Did any Lindo return to Portugal after leaving?
3. If they stayed, did they change their names?
The question about changinging their names is because our ancestor Antone Lindo also went by the name Antone Perreira.
4. How many Lindo's converted?
This question is based on the knowledge that our branch of Lindo's are Catholic.

Lindo Facts:
Alexander Lindo signed the re-settlement papers with Oliver Cromwell---when they returned to England 1600's

The Lindo's were first members of Lloyds and propped up Bank of England--many are buried in Mile End Cemetery in London.

They were also named in Parliament for Slave Trading.

Princes William and Harry were born in The Lindo Wing of a London Hospital.

It is my belief that our Lindo family are descendants of Alexander Lindo (son of Isaac (Antonio) Lindo) and Rachel Pereira, daughter of Elisah Pereira.

Pereira (Perry), is a family name that you will find throughout  the generations of Lindo's.

 Pereira is a common surname in the Portuguese and Galician as well as Sephardic languages, namely in Portugal, Galicia, Brazil and other regions of the former Portuguese Empire.

It was originally a noble Christian toponym of the Middle Ages, taken from the feudal possession of Pereira, Portugal, which in Portuguese means 'pear tree'.

The name also exists in variations such as PereyraPereraPereroPereiroPereirosPereyroPereyrosDo PereiroDo PereyroPereire, and others. In Portugal there are some families with variations of the name although Pereira is by far the most common. The variants of this name are more commonly found in other countries such as SpainTrinidad and Tobagoand Sri LankaPereire, for example, is a French variant. Many Portuguese immigrants to the United States, especially Massachusetts, chose to "Americanize" their surname to Perry.


Antone Pereira Lindo---AKA: Antonio Lindo Pereira

Antone Pereira Lindo, born September 27, 1859 in the Azores (according to his death certificate). He died: October 26, 1929, in Oakland, CA. and is buried: in Hayward, CA.

Antone arrived in Hawaii on the SS Bellrock in 1883.


BELL ROCK  (British)  Nov. 1, 1883  Hawaii

First Name: Antonio
Middle Name : 
Surname: Pereira
 Age: 24 yrs
 Sex: M
Relation: Husband
 Marital Status: Married
 Area From: 
Comments:Contract Number: 942

First Name: Maria
Middle Name : Julia
 Surname: Pereira
 Age: 24 yrs
Sex: F
Relation: Wife
Marital Status: Married

The confusing issue to me is the marriage certificate showing Antone Pereira Lindo wedding Maria Julia Pereira on November 26, 1946. However the 1883 SS Bellrocks passenger list shows Antone Pereira and Maria Julia Pereira as being married. My question is: If Antone was married twice, why did both wives have the same name? Or did he marry Maria Julia twice? Did they remarry before leaving for California?
I do know that some of the Portuguese, after arriving in Hawaii, went before the Secretary of the Interior Department for the purpose of obtaining the necessary documents of Holy Matrimony.


Children of Antone Lindo and Maria are:

1. Joseph Pereira Lindo, married Mary Silva December 05, 1908 in Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, Honolulu, HI..

2. Lizie Lindo, married ? de Conceicao.

3. Manuel Lindo, born May 04, 1884.

4. Mary Lindo, married ? Valente.

5. Antone/Tony Lindo.

6. Jesse Lindo, born December 18, 1887 in Hawaii; died March 1952; married Lily.

7. Alfred Lindo, born June 19, 1891 in Hawaii; died January 1965 in Hawaii; married Cathrine DeLima.

Second ? wife also said to be named Maria

Children of Antone Lindo and Maria :

NOTE: Some of the children went by the name Perry (english for Perriera)

9. JOHN PERRY LINDO. March 12' 1893
10. GEORGE PERRY, b. January 28, 1895, Hawaii; d. March 07, 1971, Hayward, Ca.; m. PRISCA KINDLE.
11. OLIVER PERRY LINDO, b. October 09, 1904, Oahu, Hawaii; d. June 11, 1958, Oakland, CA.
12. CHARLES PERRY, b. May 02, 1907.
13. HELEN PERRY LINDO, b. August 29, 1908; d. February 12, 1996, CA.


Alfred Lindo

Alfred Lindo, born June 19, 1891 in Hawaii; died January 1965 in Hawaii. He was the son of Antone Pereira Lindo.  He married Cathrine DeLima. who born July 19, 1895 in Hawaii; she October 1978 in Hawaii. She was the daughter of Manual DeLima and Mary Craveiro. 

Children of Alfred Lindo and Cathrine DeLima: 

i. Cathrine Lindo, married Lee Gonsalves. 
ii. Florence Pereira Lindo, married Kenneth Cundiff. 
iii. Henry Perry Lindo, married Violet. 
iv. Leonard Lindo, married Shirley. 
v. Patricia Lindo, married William Fox. 
vi. Rose Lindo, married Alfred Silva. 
vii. Alfred Jr. Lindo, died 21 Mar 2001 married Margaret Kainaiana. 
viii. George Pereira Lindo, born September 28, 1917 in Honolulu, Hawaii; married Bernalda Paragoso October 12, 1946 in Hawaii. d.May12,2004
ix. Joseph Lindo, born September 20, 1919; died June 09, 1996; married Janet.


George Pereira Lindo

George Pereira Lindo, son of Alfred Lindo and Cathrine DeLima was  born September 29, 1917, iniiHawaii. He died in Eugene, Oregon May 13, 2004. He was married to Bernalda Paragoso October 12, 1946 in Hawaii. 

Children of George Lindo and Bernalda Paragoso:

i. Nadine Cleo Lindo, born May 28, 1947; married Lawrence Woode. 
ii. Gary Milton Lindo, born May 04, 1950; married Peggy Saladis 
iii. Michael George Lindo, born May 04, 1950 in Honolulu, Hawaii; married DeWanna Jo Robinson 
iv. Nanette Cecilia Lindo, born October 01, 1955; married Bob Nalbach. 

Michael George Lindo


Michael George Lindo, born May 04, 1950 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is the son of George Perreira Lindo and Bernalda Paragoso. He married DeWanna Jo Robinson May 09, 1970 in Woodbridge, England.




i.   KIMBERLEY ANNETTE  LINDO, b. December 08, 1970, Lakenheath, England. Children: Anthony Patrick Lindo, Julia Dawn Lindo

ii. KELLY DAWN LINDO, b. January 13, 1976, Barksdale AFB, Bossier City, La..

iii. JASON MICHAEL LINDO, b. August 19, 1982, Fairfield, Ca.  Children: Claire Raina Lindo, Clark Jason Lindo


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