The Beginning!

In the process of looking into genealogy , I have been surprised at the lack of knowledge and even lack of interest in some people.  To me family  history is so interesting and important! 

I created this site for my children and grandchildren, so they may have a glimps of their  families history, before it is forgotten.

To my mother Claudine Barton Robinson, who shows how to love your family.To my Grandparents, Claude Barton and Iona Nesbit Barton, and to my Aunt Idel who was a true gift from God. 

To all my Aunts, Uncle's and Cousin's, I want to say thank you for filling my life with wonderful memories and being a huge part of my life!

Remember, "No matter where they came from, what there jobs were, wealthy or poor, they all have stories." It is your family history so do what you can to preserve it for the generations to come.