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Well, is having this mini-rpg contest thing and I figured it would be fun to join in. So I am going to document my experiences here on this page for you to follow along. I'm open to working with others, so if you want to join in, let me know.

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Here is the fourth screenshot of DevX Dungeon. I've finished the collectibles system, and removed the concept of traps from the design because I am falling behind schedule.


Here is the third screenshot of my game DevX Dungeon. You can see how the inventory system looks and also the player stats. I was not able to finish the traps yet, but that should be done soon enough.

Here is the second screenshot of my entry. I've finished the map generator (simplified it too). I got the player avatar, camera system, and wall collision working.


Here is the first screenshot of my entry. It shows the interface layout and the map with a randomized map (for testing camera).


Below are the 'milestones' that I have setup as goals for me to meet.  When I reach a milestone, I will mark it in bold green like this.

Milestone #01 - working map generator (1 map)
Milestone #02 - working map camera system  
Milestone #03 - player avatar
Milestone #04 - collectibles (traps removed from design)
Milestone #05 - enemies populate the maps
Milestone #06 - enemies fight back (small ai model)  
Milestone #07 - working map events (triggers)
Milestone #08 - working map changes (warps)  
Milestone #09 - all in-game menus working
Milestone #10 - working inventory system  
Milestone #11 - finished game event scripts
Milestone #12 - animated player  
Milestone #13 - sound effects
Milestone #14 - background music  
Milestone #15 - title / credits screens
Milestone #16 - release!