Check New (rooted devices)

Market site: market://search?q=pname:os.checknew

- HTC Desire.


This application must be installed as Accessibility Service, so after install it from market, you must activate it in Menu->Settings->Accessibility configuration system screen whereas it is locked.

Short Description:

Check New is an application that produces cellular vibration if you press configured key and you have received a notification from configured application.

The main objective of this application is inform you if you have a missed call without taking out your cellular from your pocket,handbag ... You only need press one key of your cellular, and if you have any missed call (or configured notification) your cellular will start vibrating during 10 seconds or until you release the key.

Config Screen 

In the following screen you can select de keys that will produce cellular vibration if you have receive a notification.

Applications Screen

In applications screen you can select the applications installed in your cellular that will produce valid notifications for the program.