What should you look for?

When you are reading a data-sheet

It is never easy to read a dull document like data-sheet.

Don't Read them, just sail through them. If you are a professional who doesn't want to waste too much time on reading data-sheet, my advice is  always maintain a proper distance from them.

Here I am gonna share some of the very pleasing experiences over the last few tired weeks, working late in the night.

When we generally look into a technical document like a data sheet, what are we looking for is the right kind of details among heap of other matters. Truely speaking nobody likes to dig in such dull documents at starting. As far as I am concern, I always follow my unconventional method to get things working. I hardly take the pain of looking into the history, if it works, I am staisfied. If not, I have no other way. I come back to data sheets, and try to realize that reading a data sheet is not that easy as.

Anyways, I spent last 5-6 weeks in going through the operational details of those customized devices. There wasn't even a single thing which could have helped me out. Suddenly I found a new way to maximize the performance, reducing the time cycle and keeping away the data sheet for a longer time. Here are my advices:  "always try to manage your task with the help of TIMING DIAGRAMS provided in the data sheets". Nothing more nothing less.

Ideally the things which should be present in the data sheet are TIMING DIAGRAMS :-)