WMP12 with Toolbar



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WMP11 for Windows 7


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( Compatibility : Windows 7 )
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 Instructions :

1. Open the start menu and click on "Run" 

2. Enter "services.msc" and hit enter.  

3. In the window that comes up, scroll down to "Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service" and click on it. Now on the right hand side u will see a "stop" link. Click on it to stop the service 

4. Run the downloaded installer. 

5. You are done ;)

  Important :

1. The toolbar can be enabled only when WMP is minimized.

2.  Please let us know if your machine is blown to pieces :D

3. The installer does no real change in your system except all the registry entries regarding WMP is reconstructed and some old dll's from WMP11 is stored in your Windows\System32 folder.

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