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Great Rann

The Great Rann of Kutch is the magnanimous expanse of practically nothingness that lies north of mainland Kutch. Its vastness is to be seen in person and not in pictures. The Great Rann changes itself in every season and at every time of the day; slushy during monsoon and a few months after. An expanse of Salt Plains (also called the White Rann) when the water evaporates leaving behind up to six feet deep salt. This is the reason that the White Rann is compared to the famous Salt Plains of Bolivia. 

Situated 75 kms. from Bhuj and standing tall at the border of the Great Rann is Kalo Dungar (Black Hill). Legend has it that Guru Dattatrey performed penance on this hill and till this day the people of Kutch offer prayers to Pancham Pir and the shrine of Guru Dattatrey. Jackals are fed sweet rice and to this day this call is given twice a day. Anda Beyt or the flamingo city is home for thousands of migratory birds and a nesting place in the winters for Flamingoes. From here one sees the Great Rann meeting the sea and the horizon. The sunset on a clear day is spectacular. 

Enroute one passes the Tropic of Cancer, the villages of Bhirandiyari, Hodko, Dhordo and Khavda. Each with its own craft of work - patchwork, embroidery, leather work, pottery and the famous bhunjelo mavo (a condensed milk sweet).

No visit to Kutch is complete without a day trip to the Great Rann of Kutch.


Tropic of Cancer

Maldhari Boy


Full moon on the White Rann

The Great Rann of Kutch from Kalo Dungar


Jackals on Kalo Dungar

Sunset on the Great Rann from Kalo Dungar
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The Great Rann