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14 January 2009

The White Eagles Devpur

The Lakhpat Gurudwara Sahib - Lakhpat Kutch

Lakhpat, the last frontier of Kutch, is an amazing sea fort situated in the mouth of Kori Creek. History says that the waters of Sinfhu River used to flow into Lakhpat and further onto Deshalpar (Gunthli). Rice used to be cultivated and Lakhpat used to give an annual revenue of 800,000 Koris just from rice. It is also said that Lakhpat used to generate an income of 100,000 Koris everyday from maritime activities. All this changed with the earthquake of 1819 A. D. The Allahbund was created and Sindhu changed its course of flow. The Sindhu river now drains into the sea. Lakpat and the area around is very sparsely populated.

An attraction is the Lakhpat Gurudwara Sahib. Guru Nanak on his way to Mecca for Haj stayed over here and even today Guru Nanakji's footwear and the palkhi are worshiped by the Udasi Sect. The Gurudwara is declared a protected monument by the Archeological Department and has won the UNESCO award for restoration after the earthquake. Unfortunately, a concrete enclosure has engulfed the rather pristine place. The hospitality offered is very warm. 

The Gosh Mohmad Kuba, Syed Pir Shah Dargah, Nani Mai Dargah, Hatkeshwar Temple amongst others in the old town are reminisces of the glorious past.

BSF outposts keep a diligent vigil over the area. It is a delight to see the Chinkara and the Nilgai. One has to be very lucky to spot the caracal or the civet. The sight of peacocks and the call of the partridges follows one right upto the fort of Lakhpat. 

Glory to Lakhpat!!!

  Lakhpat Fort Kori Creek  Window from the Fort
 Bastion - Lakpat Fort Kori Creek and the sea
Gosh Mohmad Kuba

 Syed Pir Shah Dargah