Spring Meditation Retreat

"Love in it's simplicity shows us that our busyness is getting us nowhere.  

This is because there is nowhere to be but with the Love.  

Then Love can give us everything we need, simply, directly from the still place of silence." 

Bruce Davis - Monastery Without Walls

Five days to dive 

into the depth of your being


Discover your true self, 

the nature of mind and reality

Cultivate a relationship with Creation


Advanced practitioners

strengthen and go deeper


Beginners build a strong foundation 

of personal practice


     This retreat is especially supportive for practitioners who have completed a 10 day Silent Meditation Retreat. The short format will act as a refresher course for someone who already has the foundation of this practice and has a working understanding of the Primary Meditation Technique. This retreat can also be utilized by the beginner practitioner who is interested in gaining insight into the benefits of meditation in ones life and how to go about creating a daily meditation practice.

        This retreat will start with a day of instruction, Q&A and practice meditation sessions. Due to the small class size you will receive personalized instruction to support your success in this practice. All participants will be taught the "Primary Meditation Technique" which is a breath focused meditation.  Through this practice you will become aware of your self.  The focus will start with the physical body and continue deeper through all the subtle bodies as you eliminate anything in the way of pure presence by remembering, experiencing and referencing the still place of silence deep within. 

        You will be fully prepared to embark upon your journey in the cave of the heart at the center of your being.  This retreat is designed after the practices of Yogis and Mystics who have throughout the ages sat in caves, alone in silence, until awakening to the true nature of self and creation. You will be fully supported in your practice by Master Practitioners throughout the retreat. The schedule is rigorous. The benefits are abundant.

        This retreat is designed to assist you with personalized instruction and a time for questions and answers at the beginning and at the end.  Integration is the key to maintaining all that you receive from your work.  The last day will be devoted to properly beginning the integration process.  Support from our staff is available, before, during and after the retreat. 

Personalized instruction in



Bhakti Yoga


Practice Support 


Throughout the 5 days



When: April 1st - April 5th

Where:  Santa Cruz Mountain (location disclosed to confirmed registrants only)

Pre-Registration Required: see below

Registration: 1:00pm on Wednesday the 1st of April

Retreat Completes:  6:00pm on Sunday the 5th of April

Meals:  12 organically prepared vegetarian meals. 

Included: personalized instruction, 12 organic meals, tea, group lodging or camping  


Retreat Fee: $250

Early bird special: $225 with preregistration (paid in full)

Space is limited: $108 deposit confirms your place


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