Team Quarter Life Crisis

 2 chaps, 5 weeks, 1 jeep, 8,500 miles, 1/3 of the world on a shoestring...

Wish List 

The follow list of equipment is a list of everything we'd like to try to crowbar into the boot to give us the best chance of getting there and not dying. If you can help us out with anything on the list, whether it be new shiny gear or an old one you've got in the attic just calling out to be driven a third of the way round the world, we'd be enormously grateful!


Ferry crossing (Dover – Calais on 21/07/07)

Flights from Beijing to London on 04/09/2007 

For the Car

Folding shovel

Jerry cans & nozzle

Tow rope

Fuel additive / Octane booster

Semi synthetic oils / Lubricants

Spare wheels and tyres

230V AC/DC inverter

Plastic boxes for tools/parts

Wiper blades

Water container

Bungee cords

Full automotive tool kit to cover all basic car maintenance.

Sand ladder - for going over pot holes, trenches etc

Tyre pump

Spot lights

Axle stands


Car Jack

Spare radiator

Spare car battery (dual charge system?)

10 Litres of oil

Fuel filter

Air filter

Spare gasket 

New fan belt

Power-based fire extinguisher

Car safe

Old, scratched iPod

X2 comfortable car seats

Car Radio/cassette player

Digital tape (Broke in Kazakhstan)

Large expedition bag (for all the car gear we’ll try to bring home)

For the Intrepid Team

Sleeping bags


Travel Pillows

Walking socks

Walking boots

Walking sandals


Lightweight Jackets

Fleeces or Gilets

Head Torches

Swiss Army Knife

Mosquito nets

Mosquito spray, coils and wall plugs

AA & AAA Batteries (x10)


Ortelieb water carrier and shower attachmen

x2 two man tents

Water carrier

Digital camera

Video camera

Multifuel camping stove

Plate, bowl, mug x2

Camping pan set 

Solar charger (Solio)

Camping chairs

Aluminium camping table

Water Purification system

Maps and guide books


Nato ration packs

Full medical kit – inc. rehydration medication

Tri-band Mobile phone & international SIM

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