Team Quarter Life Crisis

2 chaps, 5 weeks, 1 jeep, 8,500 miles, 1/3 of the world on a shoestring...

The Team 


Richard Graham


Richard did a civil engineering degree at Nottingham University and then followed by logical progression CGI and VFX. In his formative years he worked nights for Parcel Force and is well accustomed to driving long distances in terrible vehicles, including one very special Leyland Daf van with a double clutch and back-to-front gearbox. He also possesses an uncanny ability to get himself into trouble whenever leaving the UK. Most recent was a week in Turkey in which he managed no less than 3 car crashes, although his crowning moment goes to the €14k airlift off an Austrian mountain in 2006.

Age: 27

License: 3 points (red light jump)

Motorskills: Wrote-off his last car on a wet, windy night in Wiltshire last April. Enough said.

Mechanical Skills: Average but very good at deciphering the Haynes SJ bible.



Alasdair Graham

Alasdair is a student dilettante and the instigator of this lunatic scheme. He may never be forgiven. Currently beached in Devon, Alasdair recently graduated in Geography from University College London. Despite his formal training his map reading skills aren't as special as they should be. After the trip he's off to Cambridge to do an MPhil in Polar Studies and Abrupt Climate Change.

Age: 23

License: Clean as a whistle.

Motoring Skills: Being black flagged for aggressive driving at Race World Go-karting Centre is considered his crowning achievement. He's also pretty nifty with a ride-on mower.

Mechanical Skills: Fairly limited but subscribes to the pressure-learning philosophy. 

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