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Passion, Power and Perseverance at Deer Park Farm

posted 22 Oct 2018, 03:44 by Martyn Goss   [ updated 25 Oct 2018, 00:59 ]
On 21st
 October 2018 a small group from diverse faith traditions visited this household farm which Fuad al Tawil and Helen Chessum have turned into a low energy and resilient home over the past twenty years.

By producing their own heat through solar-thermal panels and a 95% efficient log burner, through on and off grid solar electricity with batteries, and through a variety of energy conservation measures their home has become a beacon and demonstration in this tucked away South Devon valley.

In addition, they have planted over 3,000 trees, several kilometres of native hedgerows and are pioneer members of the Teign Energy Communities (TECs). So wildlife conservation is another dimension to their remarkable lifestyle. They also maintain beehives to produce their own honey, as well as home-made grape juice and ciders.

Our shared lunch included rescued food soup and local fruits brought by participants.

Theirs is a hugely inspirational initiative about which we shared reflections on the ‘Power of God’ from our distinct faiths, recognising the Living Spirit which permeates all life and sustains us across the globe and across the generations.

This was the 9th event run by the Devon Earth and Faith Network (DEFAN) supported by Devon Churches Green Action and Devon Faith & Belief Forum