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Sequel To Everyones Favorite Games That They Never Heard Of... "Call To Arms"

Name: Call To Arms 2

Version: 2.05

Installer Size*:9 MB

License: Freeware

ScreenShot(s):3 (Click On Image(s) To Enlarge)

Main Menu, Click The Picture of Sharon for Easier Gamplay, Or Bush For Harder Gameplay


When Selecting Sharon, Your Character Will Not Be Affected By Arab Bullets, So Its Not Too Easy, Your Character is Slightly Larger, Thus More Vulnerable To Colliding With Enemies   


When Selecting Bush, Your Character is Slightly Smaller, Making You Less Vulnerable to Colliding With Enemies. However You Are Affected By Enemy Bullets, Which Usually Accumulate To More Damage Then Colliding Anyway, So In The End It Is Harder


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*size only refers to size of the compressed installer file, do not use to estimate size of program after installation