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August 8 2006

According to the download count at Download.com, "Call to Arms" is considered a popular download not including direct download from the actual game site. hopefully this will be the same fate for "Call to Arms 2" soon to be added to download.com

July 23 2006

Finally, the well anticipated wait is over, the long awaited "Opinions" page has finally been released, nothing however will be added because know one will ever submit anything, just so you know.  

July 19 2006

Another mirror for "Call To Arms" has just been added for even more reliability, the new mirror will be applied to the games sequel very soon

June 24 2006

Yet another page of the brand new top bar is finished as the contests page is created, who knows wat will come next, not me, which ever I find is easiest. but what will it be? 

June 23 2006

So the top bar revolution begins as the support page is finally complete, who knows what I'll suprise you with next, maybe even oinions, Nah...

June 22 2006 

I deciding to give players the chance to be apart of future games, for that i will publish beta versions, polls, and even contests for actual game content.

New Game Announced, no title yet but it will be my first (sort of) 3d game, check the previews page for upcoming info.

June 21 2006

Welcome to my brand new website, soon to be filled with tons of free game downloads, but for now, i'll start with two.

Popular Downloads

Call To Arms

The classic game that started one of the most unknown game series of all Time 

Call To Arms 2

Sequel to the greatest game no one ever heard of











Just Added

June 21 2006

 Call To Arms

Call To Arms 2