David Kendrick

FULL NAME: David Kendrick
SPECIALITY: drums, percussion
OTHER SKILLS: songwriting, vocal support
JOINED: 1987
LEFT: unclear (probably c. 2004)

David was Devo's 4th drummer, recruited after the departure of Alan Myers. Prior to joining Devo, David fronted Gleaming Spires with Les Bohem. During hiatus between Songs of the Spires and Walk on Well Lighted Streets, both David and Les performed with Sparks.
In 1987, Devo, who had been making do with drum sequencers since Alan left, decided they needed a studio drummer in order to complete work on the soundtrack to Slaughterhouse Rock. (see Total Devo) David's drumming was recorded on 2 albums: Total Devo and Smooth Noodle Maps.
Following the band's brief disestablishment, David worked for Mutato Muzika for a period of time. When Devo re-established in 1994, David chose not to return as permanent drummer. He did, however, serve as backup drummer for shows when Josh Freese was unavailable (such as the 2003 Tokyo concert). David's final public appearance with Devo appears to be the Los Angeles leg of the Nike Run Hit Wonder tour in 2004. However, he did conduct a Q&A session at the 2005 DEVOtional.