FULL NAME: Robert Curtis Lewis
JOINED: 1972
LEFT: c. 1974

Bob Lewis is one of the founding members of Devo. He attended Kent State University, where he met Gerald V. Casale. They developed the "theory of de-evolution", the idea that humankind was regressing into an infantile state, and expressed it as a series of satirical artworks. During his time with the band, he wrote several songs including the regular concert piece, "Be Stiff". Not much is known about his involvement beyond that or why he left the band. The only thing that is known for certain is that, in 1978, he filed a lawsuit against Devo for theft of intellectual property, specifically the theory of de-evolution. The band claimed that he made no contribution to Devo and held no rights to the theory or any related materials, however an interview conducted in 1974 was uncovered during discovery wherein Mark Mothersbaugh expressly stated that Bob had been instrumental in formulating the theory. The band settled out of court for an undisclosed amount of money. For whatever reason, neither Jerry nor Mark refer to Bob when they discuss the band's origins, making it appear as though they were the two founding members.
Bob was a basketball player at Cuyahoga Falls High School. At Kent State, he was a National Merit Scholar. He graduated with a degree in anthropology shortly after the Kent State shooting event.
He wrote and performed music under the stagename, "Hurricane Bob", on the new wave compilation, Bowling Balls from Hell.
Bob is also a poet, having studied with Ed Dorn, Eric Mottram, and Robert Bertholf.
Bob in 2006