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About mE

I was born in Mendrisio, in the Italian part of Switzerland and completed my studies there. I then moved from my home town for university and landed in Lausanne, Switzerland... Licence in Geography at the University of Lausanne, master of advanced studies in Environmental engineering at the EPFL and back for the PhD at the University of Lausanne, that's what I did.

My licence thesis was about building a GIS prototype to optimize the heat distribution from a waste-to-energy facility in Lausanne. For the master thesis, I moved to Chile, South America, for a joint project between the EMPA and the Universidad de Chile, aiming at the estimation of road traffic emissions with an emission model linked with GIS. Last but not least, I worked for my PhD on a Swiss National Foundation project about clustering and classification of remotely sensed urban areas. The work focused principally on active and semi-supervised learning using kernel methods. After the PhD I moved on with a Postdoc about structured outputs classification and active learning jointly hosted by the Image Processing Laboratory of the University of València (Spain)  and the Aerospace Engineering Faculty of the University of Colorado at Boulder (USA). I then worked as a research associate at the LaSIG laboratory of the EPFL on a project named: "Understanding the underlying structure of remote sensing images: improving adaptation in classification models with artificial intelligence techniques" [WEB]. The project principally dealt with manifold description of high dimensional remote sensing data and adaptation of data processing models. After that, I moved to University of Zurich, where I was the head of the MultiModal Remote Sensing group, under the Swiss SNF project "Multimodal machine learning for remote sensing information fusion" [WEB]. The lab, worked (and works now in Wageningen) on problems of multisensorial data fusion for remote sensing data processing, or more precisely, on Multimodal Remote Sensing


At present, I am associate professor at Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands at the GeoInformation Science and Remote Sensing Laboratory. 

AcadEmic stUff

I am associate editor of IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing

I am currently serving serve as a guest Editor in the Journal of the ISPRS: check our special issue on "Geospatial Computer Vision"

Into Urban Remote Sensing? Together with Clément Mallet, we chair the JURSE 2019 conference in Vannes, Brittany! 

Into Computer Vision? We recently held a workshop "Earthvision: large scale computer vision for remote sensing imagery" in CVPR 2017. Have a look to the papers on the website!

PubliCations & coDes

      Here is the list of my publications

      My Google Scholar citation page here

      Some codes that may be useful here



  With Gustavo Camps-Valls, Luis Gomez-Chova and Jesus Malo, we published a book entitled "Remote Sensing Image Processing", that covers many aspects of remote sensing, going from physical indices, feature extraction, classification and retrieval of biophysical parameters. 

To know more about the book click here

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PeoPle I worK wIth

  • Michele Volpi [Web] (University of Zurich).
  • Gustavo Camps-Valls [Web], Jesus Malo [Web] and Jordi Muñoz-Marí [Web] (University of Valencia, Spain).
  • Nicolas Courty [Web], IRISA (France).
  • Rémi Flamary [Web] (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis).
  • Alain Rakotomamonjy [Web] (INSA Rouen, France).
  • Jocelyn Chanussot [Web] and Mauro Dalla Mura (GIPSA lab, Grenoble Institute of Technology).
  • Fabio Pacifici  [Web] (Digital Globe, Longmont CO, USA).
  • Clément Mallet [Web], IGN Paris, France.
  • Gabriele Moser [Web], University of Genoa, Italy.

  Former PhD students
  • Michele Volpi [Web] (University of Zurich)
  • Frank de Morsier [Web] (Picterra)
  • Giona Matasci [Web] (University of British Columbia)
  • Timothée Produit (EPFL) [Web]
  Current PhD student
  • Shivangi Srivastava (WUR) [Web]
  • Diego Marcos Gonzalez (WUR)
  • Benjamin Kellenberger (WUR) [Web]
  • Matthew Parkan (EPFL) [Web]. Co-supervised with F. Golay (EPFL Lausanne).

Out of the reseArch woRld...

  • Here is my Flickr page, for those who love photography
  • I love to travel everywhere around the world! Any tips on wonderful locations are always welcome! 
  • I also am mad about diving. The underwater world rocks.