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Friendly service is the attitude at Devin's Alignment and Brakes

 The founder of Devin's Alingment and Brakes, is none other than Devin Daggett  himself.

Devin is a veteran in the industry, he has been a mechanic since he was a young man, and he has been very passionate in his skills as a mechanic. Devin has worked for a few automotive shops around The Dalles area. That is where he has sharpened his skills and has the opportunity to master the brake and alignment portion of automobiles. The passion to help customers has been Devin’s desire from the beginning of his career. With this attitude Devin took it to a new level 10 years ago, when the company he was working for decided to close the shop he was working in. Devin took his skills and knowledge and started his own shop to continue doing what he has done for so long. Devin’s reputation as a great brake and alignment technician has rewarded him with great success in his business adventure that he has had to hire help to continue to keep up with the demand for his business.