Avon Grove High School

***Congratulations to Alicia Stearn, winner of the 2013 Richard Monetti Scholarship.  This award is given to the KYW Newstudies student who demonstrates the most potential and enthusiasm throughout the student reporter program.  Click here to listen to Alicia's broadcast.***

The Devil's Herald is the student newspaper of Avon Grove High School located in West Grove, Pennsylvania.  

It is published monthly from September through May.

Questions or comments?  Please email Mr. Rob Gregory at rgregory@avongrove.org. 

Devil's Herald Staff
Senior Editors
Michael Burke
Jess Clark
Brenden Curry
Tyler DeVice
Thomas Dockery
Taylor Ploeger
Jackie Marino
Alicia Stearn

Staff Writers
Jacklyn Rind
Devin Rudisill
Cameron Schultz
Naomi Szanto
Sophie Werner
Anna Wright