The Legendary Devil Mountain Brigade

The Devil Mountain Brigade was first organized in 1971 in the small town of Danville, California.
The name Devil Mountain comes from nearby Mt. Diablo.
We are a almost semi-precision drill team that commemorate festivities with choreographed
volleys of shotgun blasts into the air, these are BLANKS, of course.

The Devil Mountain Brigade participates in several parades throughout the year and dazzles the
crowds with it’s routine. The Brigade marches in rows of three and fire shotguns under the direction
of the Brigade Commander. We are a one-of-a-kind outfit that has no peers.

In some circumstances, the sight of 20-40 armed men marching down a Main Street while
blasting shotguns might be unusual, but once the crowds see what we do,
they enjoy the noise and the antics of the Brigade during the parade. Often the children
in the audience, enthusiastically enjoy collecting the Brigade’s discarded
empty shells as souvenirs of the event.

We also have been invited to help with historical plaque dedications, town festivals
and not surprisingly, shotgun weddings. It is with great honor and respect that we
are also available for memorials and funerals, all by special request.

The Devil Mountain Brigade operates in Northern California and Nevada.

Contact Information:

DMB Commander Norm Nielsen

Gold Nugget Days Parade
Paradise, CA
April 29th 2017

Elks Parade
Santa Maria, CA
June 3rd 2017

Four of July Parade
Danville, CA
July 4th 2017

21 Gun Salute
Lucky Gillett Memorial
1 pm Sept. 16, 2017
Western Gateway Park
18560 Penn Valley Drive , Penn Valley

Annual No Goat BBQ
September 30,2017
Downieville/Goodyears Bar
St. Charles Saloon Watering Hole Dedication - Noon

Nevada Day Parade
Carson City, NV
October 28

DMB Christmas Party/Dinner
Nevada City, CA
December 2, 2017
2017 Hide-A-Way Bar Rededication / Texas Holdem Fund Raiser
Danville 4th of July 2017
Danville 4th of July 2017
Danville 4th of July 2017
Danville 4th of July 2017



2016 DMB Christmas Party and Toy Drive

Brigade in the News - October 2012


Devil Mountian Brigade - 4th of July - Danville,CA  2013
See the Devil Mountain Brigade in action

DMB 4th of July 2013