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Driver Detective is the World's Most Trusted Automatic Driver Download and Update Tool Specifically Designed for Windows 7. You don't have to waste time or get frustrated searching for Windows 7 Drivers anymore on the internet or end up visiting Malware sites that packs Virus  & Spyware with drivers and Altering even the Digital Signatures. Virus can crash your PC and Spyware can send your Credit/Debit Card or Internet Banking Details to Online Hackers without your knowledge. Download Driver Detective  It is an Automatic Driver Download Software that has an in-built Machine Intelligence to Automatically Detect the Manufacturer and Exact Model Number of each hardware installed in your PC/Laptop, and Automatically Download and Install the Latest Device Drivers Specific to your Hardware from its huge driver database containing over 27,000,000+ Device Drivers that has been cleaned of any Virus or Spyware  by Computer Professionals who have been updating this driver database daily since 1996 by monitoring over 4000+ hardware manufactures and 3000+ software vendors covering almost every hardware & software company websites in the world, making it the Largest Driver Database Online today. Using its cutting edge Driver Detection and Driver Updating Technology, Driver Detective repairs all your Out-of-Date/Missing/Corrupted Driver Problems in minutes, making all your hardware work like new again and Optimizing your PC/Laptop for High Performance with just 2 mouse clicks. Driver Detective will also send an Email Alert when ever any a new Driver is released online.     

Driver Detective Updates Model Specific Windows 7 Video Card Drivers
The graphics you see on your monitor display is generated by your Video Card. Video cards are manufactured today with their own inbuilt CPU or Chip and RAM or memory modules, both of which are decides your PC Performance. The graphics or video card is a computer in itself. It has a CPU that runs at speeds in GHz and memory almost as much as your computer's memory. This is done to ensure that your video display does not reduce your computer performance. In the old computers the Video hardware used up a part of your computers CPU power and memory also. This made all the computer video games to run slow. You may have noticed the frames jumping rather than get a smooth picture. Today these problems don't exist as the video graphics hardware have become very advanced. Thus the computers running Windows 7 has very advanced Video Cards with superb cpu power and huge memory which will be of no use if you are still using the Generic Drivers. (What is Generic Drivers?) So it is recommended that you Download the Latest Video Drivers specific to your Video Graphics Card manufacturer and exact model number from the driver CD or even newer drivers available at your video card original manufacturer website. If you are not able to locate the correct video drivers then we strongly recommend you to Use Driver Detective Automatic Windows 7 Driver Update Tool

Driver Detective Downloads Signed WHQL Certified Windows 7 Drivers
Installing Unsigned Windows 7 Drivers is dangerous. WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) Certified drivers will work on Windows 7 Computers beautifully. Getting the WHQL Certification for a driver takes a long time. (What is WHQL Certification?) This is because Microsoft will put the drivers through a series of tests and only when the drivers pass all of these tests the WHQL Certificate is awarded. And that will cost the driver manufacturer some money also. These delays has prompted some hardware manufacturers to conduct some of these tests themselves on various Windows operating systems and Digitally Sign the Driver themselves. These are called Signed drivers which Windows 7 recognizes and does inform you when you install them on a Windows 7 PC or Laptop. You can download and install unsigned drivers also as long as you are very sure that the drivers have been provided by your hardware manufacturer on a CD or USB or you downloaded it from the original hardware manufacturer website. But the unsigned drivers may or may not work on your Windows 7 operating system because they have not been tested. Even if the driver is able to make your hardware work, you will be limited in functionality of your costly hardware. So to exploit the maximum potential of your hardware you should ensure that Signed Drivers or preferably WHQL Certified Windows 7 Drivers are installed. Once again we recommend you to Download Driver Detective because it automatically downloads signed WHQL Certified drivers specific to the make and model numbers of your Computer hardware.

Use Driver Detective to Update Audio/Sound Card Drivers for Windows 7
The latest WHQL Certified Audio Drivers for your Sound Card is another difficult set of drivers to find for Windows 7 Computers. People have permanently damaged their sound cards by installing wrong sound drivers. Sound hardware is very sensitive. Sound at times gets garbled if the drivers are corrupted. Computers stop producing Sound totally if the sound driver is missing or deleted by over writing with another driver file or if you switched off your computer by removing the power source when the sound was playing. What ever be the reason, most sound related problems can be easily solved by installing the correct sound drivers. The most famous sound hardware and audio equipment is manufactured by Creative and Soundmax etc. Today, motherboards already have integrated sound hardware. So you don't have to buy a separate sound card unless you want a very high end costly sound card for a specific reason like creating multi track music for multimedia applications. Motherboard manufacturers embed the audio hardware and use standard sound drivers like those available from RealTek, Via and other High Definition Sound Drivers. Use Driver Detective  to detect your computer's exact sound hardware model number and manufacturer and to Automatically Download the Latest Windows 7 High Definition Sound Drivers in minutes. You don't have to search the internet for drivers anymore.

Automatically Update Device Specific Windows 7 USB Drivers
USB drivers for most USB hardware device you buy is present in the Windows 7 Operating system. USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. Previously when you install a hardware Windows could detect it only when you restart your PC. But now with the invention of USB, you can connect and disconnect a hardware any time you want without restarting your PC. So when you connect a USB device, your computer identifies the device and loads its associated USB drivers in a few seconds. This is possible because all USB devices come with a pre-loaded identification in it and Windows 7 keeps searching for new hardware devices at regular intervals in the USB ports. When you insert the USB connector, the device or hardware will identify itself to the Windows OS that I am a USB printer, or a USB Digital Camera/Webcam or just a USB pen drive. Once the device identifies itself Windows just looks for the available USB drivers for that hardware and load it and informs you that your USB device is ready for use. But the problem is that the Windows 7 USB drivers are old and will give you only basic functions of your USB hardware. And some manufacturer of USB Printers, Cameras and other USB devices do not want Windows 7 generic drivers to load. So they do not include the USB device identification codes into their USB hardware. So when you connect these devices or hardware Windows fails to identify it and Windows may give errors informing you that the driver is corrupted or missing or the hardware cannot be recognized by Windows. If such a case is encountered, insert the driver CD that came with your USB hardware and install drivers from it. If you have access to the internet, then it makes sense to download the latest model specific USB drivers from your hardware manufacturer. You may Use Driver Detective to get the latest model specific USB drivers for your Computer.

Use Driver Detective to Update Your Motherboard Drivers
The motherboard name was given because originally it was intended to be a base on which you could attach all your other hardware like your sound cards, video graphics cards, tv tuner cards, agp cards, printer, scanner, hard disks, floppy drivers, CD Roms etc. Today, the motherboards have advanced so much that it contains almost your entire computer's electronics components. All the hardware mentioned above are seamlessly integrated in to the motherboard. You don't need a sound card or display graphics video cards etc. The motherboards come with integrated audio with 5.1 or 7.1 speaker output with sound processing upto 96 bits. The support for Front Side Bus FSB and Central Processing Unit CPU is amazingly improving day by day. This means that the Motherboards are evolving and new models are being churned out by each company very frequently and more features are being added to their old motherboard models regularly. To give these benefits to their customers with old motherboard models they keep releasing newer versions of motherboard drivers very frequently. It is a competitive world and if new features are not added to old hardware the company may lose customers. Thus it becomes very important to download all the latest drivers released for your motherboard and other hardware as and when they are released. It is difficult to check for new driver release often for a user. So it is recommended that you Download Automatic Driver Download Tool - Driver Detective that can Automatically Download Latest Driver Updates and install them in your computer, repair all your missing and corrupted drivers, Backup all your drivers already installed in your PC/Laptop to a CD or a USB drive for future use and even send you an Email Alert whenever a New Driver is released by any of your Computer Hardware Manufacturer so that you don't have to keep checking for new drivers. Remember that installing wrong drivers can even permanently damage your hardware. Updating drivers will fix bugs and introduce new features to your old hardware which means you can save money by avoid buying a new one by just Updating the drivers. Updating drivers also improve your overall PC/Laptop Performance and Stability.

Driver Detective Downloads Latest Windows 7 Drivers in Minutes
Driver Detective saves you many hours frustrating search for exact model specific Sound card, Video Graphics Card, USB, Motherboard, CD drive, Printer, Scanner, Digital Camera, Webcam, Audio, Network card, Ethernet card, Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Display, and other drivers on the internet because Windows 7 Drivers are slightly difficult to locate and often you end up visiting bad malware websites. It is estimated that there are more than one million malware websites waiting to inject virus, spyware and other malware to your website. Most of these bad websites provide latest drivers to users because drivers are usually packed in exe or zip files and it is an easy way to pack these virus and spyware inside these driver packs to the unsuspecting users who will install these spyware and virus in their computers along with the Drivers.  Driver Detective employs professionals who scan the drivers for spyware and malware before they are included into their driver database online. Virus can crash your computer and you can end up losing all your hard disk data. Spyware can steal your Credit Card numbers, Internet banking Usernames and Passwords etc and send them to online hackers without your knowledge. You can eliminate downloading Spyware and Viruses into your Computer by using Driver Detective to update your drivers keeping your Computer safe.

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Hardware Manufacturer Release New Drivers Many Times a Year
The other reason to Download Driver Detective for updating Windows 7 Drivers is that you can update all your hardware drivers regularly without going online and searching for the manufacturer website. Regularly updating drivers is necessary because manufacturers release new versions of your drivers very often or many times a year to fix bugs reported by users and to introduce new features using the same buttons and menus already available in your hardware like printers and digital cameras etc. This means more value for your money spent to buy that hardware because it will now function like a new one with new and more functions available to you.

Driver Detective Sends You an Email Alert if New Windows 7 Drivers are Released

Driver Detective also sends you an Email Alert when ever your manufacturer has released a new driver and it has been added to the Online driver detective database. Thus you can see that driver detective continues to help in finding new drivers even without you looking for them at each of your hardware manufacturer websites. This is a unique feature found only in Driver Detective automatic driver update tool for Windows 7.

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