Welcome Developers and Designers!

DevFest SV 2012 is a 1.5-day event for the Android, Chrome, AppEngine and other developers.

At this event, participants will have an opportunity to design, develop and demo a complete application in less than 24 hours. There will also be technical talks to help developers get up to speed on the Google ecosystem and other open API's.

The event kicks off on Friday, Oct 19th, 2012 in the afternoon, where ideas and teams will come together. Teams will have the rest of Friday and most of Saturday to build their applications. Teams will then present their work to the public in the evening of Saturday Oct 20st, 2012. Winners will be chosen for each category specified on the Awards and Scholarships page.

DevFest SV is all about coding and completing a full-featured application using open technologies. While there will be opportunities to try new APIs and learn new features, teams will be expected to produce a real, working application in 1.5 days in return for free meals and a chance for fame and fortune, should it create the next killer app. 

Feeling up to the challenge?

Please register by clicking the "Register Now" button above. Attendance is capped, so register soon -- all registrations are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

DevFest SV 2012 Rules

The organizers reserve the right to modify these rules in the spirit of Fairness, Openness.
      0. Applications must be submitted in time.
  1. Applications should be run on physical devices or emulators. They can be native and/or web applications. PowerPoint presentations are discouraged.
  2. The application should be mostly produced at the DevFest. 
  3. Maximum of Five(5) core Team members per team. In the spirit of open hackathon, anyone can give advice, suggestions, comment etc. However, core team members, those who actually design, code or test the app, setup env/server or other hands-on work is limited to a maximum of 5. The team will be disqualified if it consist of more than five(5) members. Teams can get help from sponsors without penalty. Honor System applies. When in doubt, discuss it with organizers asap.
  4. Maximum of One(1) Team per person. Each registered participant can only belong to one team as a core team member. Otherwise all, the participant and his/her team(s) will be disqualified. Honor System applies. When in doubt, discuss it with organizers asap.
  5. Release from Liability Form. Release from Liability Form must be signed by all team members. The Team Lead is responsible for getting all signatures. Teams without a fully-signed form will not be allowed to demo..
  6. Decisions by Judges and organizers are final. Teams can present their cases but decisions by judges and organizers are final. If disqualified for any reason, compensation is limited to refund of registration fee paid if any.
  7. Team Lead and communication - Team Lead must be an on-site, registered participant. To stream-line communications, team lead is responsible for all communications between organizers, judges and team members. Team lead should be aware of deadlines, announcements and schedule changes via email or twitter tweets. In particular, "I am too busy coding/testing," is NOT a valid excuse.
  8. Division of Prizes among team members -  Any prize(s) won by a team will be given to the Team Lead, who is responsible for equitable division and distribution to team members. Organizers have neither role nor responsibility in this matter.
  9. Disclosure. Teams must clearly distinguish between work done during the hackathon and any library / back-end system they are using. If a team is using a code library, API, or back-end system, it should be announced during Pitch night and Demo Night, and updated asap. If it is any particular API specified by the sponsor, team must announce it and show the use to win the sponsored prize.

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