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Lecture Sessions

Introduction to Android and Key Froyo Features *

Speaker: Fred Chung
Android has gained a lot of momentum since launch.  This session aims to provide an overview of the momentum, SDK, new features, and distribution through Android Market.

HTML5 in Chrome

Speaker: Arne Roomann-Kurrik
HTML5 rocks!  But what exactly is it, and when can I use it?  "HTML5" is commonly used to refer to a large set of specifications, many of which are still changing.  This talk will focus on Chrome's implementation of these specifications, including real-world demos of technologies you can start using today.

The New Social Web: It’s about Open Standards

Speaker: Timothy Jordan
The Social Web is increasingly relying on open standards to exchange information.  This is bringing more and more services together and simplifying the landscape for developers.  In this session we’ll review several of the most significant open standards including Activity Streams, OAuth, and PubSubHubbub.  We’ll then dive into the Google Buzz API for an example of how they are implemented and used.  We’ll wrap up with a look at some existing applications, examples, and starter projects as well as a brief Q&A.

Google App Engine: Selected Design Patterns *

Speaker: Ping Yeh
This talk will cover a few design patterns for solving common problems in App Engine for developers who wants to enjoy the high performance of App Engine. A brief overview will be given for novice developers. Connection with Google Apps and enterprise will be mentioned.

Slides: PDF.

運用 Google Apps Marketplace 整合您的應用服務 *

Speaker: Kevin Huang
After using the standard Google Apps: Gmail, Calendar, Docs, a set of high-quality, low-cost cloud apps, users will want to use more applications in the same way. For example, apps such as CRMs, project tracking, financial management and other business tools. Through Google Apps Marketplace, developers can publish their applications and administrators can find and install applications that they need. This session will introduce how to build and publish into the marketplace and how to later use the applications in your domain. Other practical examples of open standards such as OpenID and OAuth will be presented. This session is for those looking to integrate additional business services into their domain and/or to publish applications for others to use in Google Apps. 

在享受 Google Apps 提供 Gmail, Calendar, Docs ... 等高品質、低成本的雲端運算服務的優點後,Google 使用者開始要求更多如客戶關係管理、專案流程管理、財務管理等企業需求。透過 Google Apps Marketplace ,開發者可將開發好的應用服務整合到 Google Apps 中,Google Apps 管理者則可尋找並安裝適當的應用服務,而使用者的使用經驗就如使用 Gmail 等服務一樣自然、直覺。本場次將介紹開發者如何建構,整合及上架至 Google Apps Marketplace 上,並透過實際範例說明如何運用 OpenID 及 OAuth 等開放標準完成與 Google Apps 帳號單一簽入及資料存取。對於想要在 Google Apps 上延伸應用,或是提供雲端商業服務的開發者,這個場次將是很好的選擇。

Local Demos *

Speakers: Sam Lu, Justin Lee, Ginny Ma
We've invited a few local third party developers to present their applications and talk about their experience integrating with Google technology. Sam Lu (盧育聖), one of the Android Developer Challenge winners, will go over his experience launching many popular applications in Android Market. Justin Lee (李易修) will speak about his experience writing Google Chrome Extensions (including PlaceClipr, PrintMyMap, Fourlickr). We will also have a representative from talk about using location with Android, HTML5, and the Google Maps API. 

Justin Lee's demo material:

Introduction to Google Maps API *

Speaker: Bill Luan
This is a session to introduce Google Maps API technologies. Topics covered in this session include the history and vision of Google Maps and Maps API, Google Maps API technologies fundamentals, application development using Google Maps API with JavaScript, as well as geo-doing, LBC, advertisement opportunities using Google Maps, and showcases of some featured web sites around the world using Google Maps API for business innovations. A brief introduction of migrating to Maps API 3 will also be covered. 

* Session will be given in Mandarin. 

Lab Sessions

All attendees are expected to have their own laptop computers and power supplies to participate in the lab sessions. For all lab sessions, check pre-requisites. Lab sessions will take place in the classrooms outside the auditorium. Note that the Android lab sessions also include some lecture material that goes deeper into a specific topic. All seating is first come, first served and availability is not guaranteed. 

For help with Android pre-requisites, see below:
Download the lab session source code:

Android UI Patterns *

Speaker: Ken Liu
Android UI design has evolved over time.  This talk covers the latest UI patterns leveraged by some of the most popular Android apps out there.
Pre-requisites: None. Lecture content. 

Performance Tuning Tips and Lab Exercise (Android) *

Speaker: Ken Liu
The mobile device has limited memory and CPU resources. This session will share a few tips and best practices to make your application performance better with just a few small code changes. 
Pre-requisites: Familiarity with Java, Android SDK installed, Eclipse installed, Android Plug-in for Eclipse installed


Market Licensing Service Overview (Android) *

Speaker: Tony Chan
This session will introduce the licensing service offered in the Android Market.  Starting with an overview of the service, we will then go through how to set up, integrate and test the service with your application.  In addition, we will offer some advices on how to further improve the security of your licensing implementation.
Pre-requisites: None. Lecture content with code walkthrough.

Voice Input Lab Session (Android) *

Speaker: Ken Liu
This lab session will demonstrate how to add the speech input feature into Android applications. This frees users' fingers and allows them to dictate the message instead of typing it. The speech input will bring a whole new mobile experience to the users.   
Pre-requisites: Familiarity with Java, Android SDK installed, Eclipse installed, Android Plug-in for Eclipse installed

DOWNLOAD: Voice Input

Writing a CSS3 Webfont selector as a Google Chrome Extension

Speaker: Arne Roomann-Kurrik
This codelab will mash up CSS3, HTML5, and Google Chrome Extensions to create a useful developer tool.  Learn how to build an extension which will let you change the font of any element on a web page to a custom webfont provided by the Google Font API. 
Pre-requisites: Familiarity with JavaScript, CSS, & HTML. Google Chrome installed. Your text editor of choice installed. 

Building on the Google Buzz API

Speaker: Timothy Jordan
The Google Buzz API has grown significantly over the last few months.  We’ve released exciting new features including the full firehose, gardenhose, track, a count API, and more!  Join us to learn how you can build on Google Buzz.  
Pre-requisites: Familiarity with Python. Command line capability. App Engine SDK installed. 

* Session will be given in Mandarin. 
Oct 12, 2010, 8:33 AM
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Oct 2, 2010, 10:14 AM