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The domain yet to be explored by children is World Wide Web. This activity is a step towards the effort to help them learn Web development starting from basic HTML to complex web development standards and frameworks. DevelopWeb is a Sugar activity being developed aimed to impart Web Development knowledge to children. Through this children can develop Web Sites through HTML, Javascript and other latest web technologies. Children can learn quickly how to develop web pages in a step by step approach through examples provided for each HTML/web component. This activity acts like an IDE for Web development where children can select their technology and develop their website or web application

Using this activity, children can

  • Learn about web development technologies like HTML, JavaScript, ASP, JSP,etc.
  • Easily create web pages using Web Widget Toolbox using drag and drop
  • Develop web sites or web application on the fly
  • Add custom web component to Web Widget Toolbox for re-usability
  • Deploy the web site or web application on a web server bundled with this activity through single button click.
  • Open web pages in three modes: Source-to view source code; Design-to create web pages on the fly; Publish-see how it looks when its published.

It is being developed for One Laptop Per Child(OLPC) project in collaboration with SugarLabs for Sugar Desktop Environment.

For more details, visit the feature page on SugarLabs: DevelopWeb