UN Goal #1: Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

According to the UN, people who are qualified as someone living in extreme poverty is someone who lives with under $1.25 a day. There are many faces of poverty across the world. There is child poverty, women poverty, male poverty, teenage poverty, poverty in education, poverty in agriculture, etc. and all of these faces look different and are manifest in a variety of ways.
In Seychelles, child poverty is a problem where children are undernourished and many families do not have the funds to provide nutritious meals for themselves or their families. Here is a picture of child poverty:

Christopher Gill is a dedicated politician in Seychelles whose main desire is to bring freedom to the local people and used this picture to show how the current leaders do not care about the people within the country. Children are starving, dirty and forced to eat off of the streets.

Extreme Hungry

The percentage of people who were undernourished, underweight, and hungry in Seychelles in 2013 was 8.6%. In 1991, when the reports were first collected, there were 14.6% people who were hungry. The UN has achieved their goal of halving this percentage. In the 2014 Report for the world, one in four children under the age of five are under the adequate height for their age. This is a direct sign of extreme hunger and malnourishment. Thankfully, Seychelles halved their percentage of the hungry in 12 years.