Is there a geographic focus to the program?

There is no specific geographic focus for the map itself, but the organization requesting funding must have its headquarters within select countries in Africa mentioned in the Eligibility section, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, US or UK. We expect that the maps layers you create will have impact in the areas your organization is working in.

What type of entity do I need to be in order to be considered?

Eligibility requirements are explained on the Eligibility page.

Where and when should I submit my proposal?

Proposals should be submitted online via the Application by May 26, 2011, as stated in the Overview page. We hope to notify finalists and all applicants within 4 weeks of the submission deadline. Finalists will be asked for a more detailed Statement of Work with project mocks, more information on the amount of funding needed and the developer who will build the map. If you are a finalist, the deadline for the Statement of Work is June 23, 2011.

When and how can I expect to hear about the decision on my application?

We hope to respond to all proposals within 4 weeks of the submission deadline. If you are selected to move forward, we will contact you to request a Statement of Work.

What are the criteria for evaluating grant applications?

The criteria are explained on the Eligibility page.

What is the average funding amount you will award?

Average range of awarded grants given will be between $10,000 and $20,000, but funding requests may be above or below this average.

Is there a deadline to complete my map project?

Yes, mapping projects should take between 1 - 4 months to complete. We will ask for a final report upon completion of the map project.

My organization has little or no technical staff. May I still apply?

Yes. While it is important that your proposal be technically feasible within the capabilities of electronic mapping tools, you do not need to have the capacity to complete the project with your own staff. If your proposal is selected to be a finalist, you will be asked to submit more detail about your project, as well as show proof that you have an in-house developer or have selected a third-party developer, in the form of a Statement of Work (SOW). The SOW defines the work activities, deliverables, timeline, and pricing agreed upon between the developer and the nonprofit organization. We can point you to resources, such as the Google Earth Outreach Developer Marketplace, to find developers if you need assistance. We will also ask for project mocks and agreement on the measurable outcomes of your project.

Does the money have to go towards a developer working on this project?

Yes, all funds must go towards a developer (either in-house or third-party) for his/her work on the project stated in your application. The money cannot be used for other purposes, such as equipment, administrative costs, or other staffing costs.

If I am selected for a grant as part of this process, do I have to take it?

No, if at any point during this process you do not wish to accept a grant, you are under no obligation to do so.

Is there a deadline for completing my map project?

Yes, you should have completed your map project within 1 to 4 months of receiving the award letter.

If a Google employee or director or affiliated person is already a board member or affiliated with my organization, may I still apply?

Yes, if you clearly disclose all the facts about that relationship in your submission. If, in our judgment, making a grant to your organization would call into question the objectivity or integrity of our processes, we won't be able to advance your submission to the next round.

Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Because of the expected volume, Google will not be able to sign NDAs at this stage. If there is confidential information that you cannot include without an NDA, do not include it in your proposal or your application. Please know that judges will be reviewing many submissions, and at any time Google Earth Outreach may make grants to entities similar to or competing with applicants.

Can I meet with Google Earth Outreach in person?

Due to volume we are unfortunately unable to meet in person with all applicants. Organizations selected for grants will be contacted by email.

Is there an entry fee?


Can I submit two proposals?

You may submit more than one proposal. Per the criteria on the Eligibility page, we will be evaluating proposals based criteria such as quality and likelihood of success and impact.

In what language should my response be written?

For administrative purposes, we require that all submissions be in English.

Will Google publicize my maps after completion?

We are unable to make commitments in advance. However, we are interested in giving exposure to high quality maps that are intended for public use. We will discuss relevant opportunities on a case by case basis upon project completion.

What are the other legal rules of engagement?

All statements made in the course of the grant application process, and any pre-grant discussions, understandings and agreements resulting from this process are preliminary. Applicants are expected to propose a realistic and achievable work project for any grant, and to adhere in good faith to the scope and timeline of the work project proposed in the application. The initiation and continuation of any process does not constitute or imply any commitment of any kind by Google Earth Outreach or of Tides Foundation. Google Earth Outreach has no obligation whatsoever to any applicant until a formal written grant agreement or award letter is executed, and then only to the extent set forth in such document. Google Earth Outreach reserves all rights to (i) reject any proposal; (ii) terminate this application process; (iii) negotiate with one or more grant applicants; (iv) make no award to any of the grant applicants or grant finalists; (v) award a grant to one or more grant finalist; and (vi) modify the requirements and terms of this process and request revised proposals from some or all of the applicants.

Google Earth Outreach is not under any obligation to reveal how a proposal or any responses were assessed or to provide information relative to its decision-making process. The grant application process, and Google Earth Outreach's receipt of applicants' proposed work projects, does not commit Google Earth Outreach to reimburse applicants for any costs incurred in submission of their proposals. Only members of the authorized Google Earth Outreach evaluation team, meeting in their official capacity, can clarify issues or render any opinion regarding the grant application process. No individual member of Google Earth Outreach, employee of Google, agent of Google, or member of the Google evaluation team is empowered to make binding statements regarding this process.

What if I have other questions?

If you have questions about the application process, please email geo-grants@google.com -- this email address will be monitored until the application deadline, May 26, 2011. We appreciate if you do not use this email to ask about status updates on your specific application.