A Deeper Look at Google App Engine

Google App Engine allows you to build and run applications on the same highly scalable web infrastructure that Google uses to run it own applications. This allows you to build an application once, and then never have to worry about how many people are using it, how many machines you're using, or how you're going to handle all the traffic. This talk will introduce you to the basic features of Google App Engine, and walk you through building a quick, interactive application. Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • App Engine's Datastore
  • Authentication using Google accounts
  • The web framework
  • Our image manipulation API
  • Using Memcache
  • App Engine best practices

This session is intended for intermediate developers who are new to Google App Engine.

Prerequisites: If you want to follow along with setting up an application, then you should have a laptop with Python 2.5 and the App Engine Development Server installed and an App Engine account. Python knowledge is helpful but not required.

Mano Marks

Mano Marks is a Developer Advocate at Google, providing developers help with the Google App Engine and Google Geo APIs. Before Google, he worked in the non-profit, human services sector for a decade doing database development. He has a Masters in History and in Information Management and Systems. He regards himself as a recovering historian.