Google Developer Day UK

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Performance in Google Chrome BetterWeb Kevin Millikin 
Google Web Toolkit: The Technical Case BetterWeb Sumit Chandel 
What's New in Geo GeoWeb Russell Middleton 
Mashing up Google Data APIs BetterWeb Ryan Boyd 
Best practices and lessons learned for OpenSocial developers SocialWeb Chewy Trewhella, Patrick Chanezon, Chris Chabot, Kevin Marks 
Visualize your data: Google Visualization API BetterWeb Nimrod Talmon 
OpenSocial: A Standard for the Social Web SocialWeb Patrick Chanezon, Chewy Trewhella, Chris Chabot, Kevin Marks 
A Deeper Look at Google App Engine BetterWeb Mano Marks 
Gears for mobile and the New Geolocation API BetterWeb Charles Wiles 
What's New in Gears? BetterWeb Aaron Boodman 
Intro to Android MobileWeb Mike Jennings 
State of AJAX BetterWeb Dion Almaer 
YouTube API: Build YOUR YouTube BetterWeb Jean-Laurent Wotton 
Intro to the Android SDK MobileWeb Mike Jennings 
Codelab: Building an OpenSocial Application in the Cloud SocialWeb Chewy Trewhella, Patrick Chanezon, Thomas Steiner, Chris Chabot, Kevin Marks 
Keynote + Wrap up BetterWeb Tom Stocky 
Showing 16 items