Google Developer Day Prague 2008

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Build Your YouTube: YouTube API BetterWeb Jean-Laurent Wotton 
Maps & Earth API GeoWeb Russell Middleton 
OpenSocial and the Social Web SocialWeb Kevin Marks 
Search Friendly Web Development BetterWeb Chewy Trewhella 
Best Practice for OpenSocial Development SocialWeb Chewy Trewhella 
Measure in Milleseconds: Performance tips for Google Web Toolkit (and AJAX in general) BetterWeb Andrew Bowers 
Creating a Client-side Search Engine with Gears and Dojo BetterWeb Brad Neuberg 
State of the Open Web BetterWeb Brad Neuberg 
Python advanced BetterWeb Thomas Wouter 
Large-scale computing ve stylu Google: MapReduce, BigTable, Hadoop, HDFS a další BetterWeb Petr Kukol 
Dive into App Engine BetterWeb Kevin Gibbs 
App Engine - Scalable Application BetterWeb Jon McAlister 
Integrating 'Google' into your applications: Google Data APIs & AJAX APIs BetterWeb Jochen Hartmann 
Chrome: the V8 engine BetterWeb Mads Sig Ager 
Keynote BetterWeb Nelson Mattos 
Intro to the Geo Web GeoWeb Jarda Bengl 
Showing 16 items