Here you will find the required help about my software...

When you first launch the Application it will show something like this:

After verifying the content it will show the following window:

 After you see this window choose the optical drive (CD/DVD from the list of drives available.)

 Now click FIX NOW to fix the drive letter. Don't worry if you have chosen a wrong drive. It wont cause any harm on your system. Just chose the new letter from the list and click FIX NOW.

Next Insert the CBT CD in the same drive you chose while running the application.

Navigate through My Computer >> CD Drive

Next you will see the following screen:

As you can see I have Highlighted the setup file of 72 KB. Double click it to launch it.

If you are running Windows Vista, then UAC prompt as shown below will be shown. (Windows XP users skip this step)

 Then Click NEXT and continue till the setup finishes.

Then open the NIIT courseware from the start menu. If it doesnt run please contact me.