I am Pankajkumar Nikam from New Delhi. This is the site where u can find topics related to softwares in .NET


Hello everybody... How are you ? I hope that you are finding some difficulty in development... so you have reached this site. Good. Anyways I am Pankaj Nikam from New Delhi and I have completed all the semesters of GNIIT. I am waiting for my graduation to get over so as to get my placement and complete my GNIIT. I am in second semester. So I will able to help only those who are below my semester level. Please try to understand me and limitations. I have developed an application which will help you to run the CBT CD's provided with the NIIT Coursewares.I have released my latest version which works on .NET 2.0 framework... check it out on the application section.

This site and the application is still in developmental phase. So please co-operate.

Welcome to Pankaj Nikams Site