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Synology DS508 - Subversion 1.5.4

This package is my first attempt at cross compiling the newer subversion 1.5.x source, it is not intended for beginners as it requires command line access to the DS508 and manual file installation.
Please use this information and application at your own risk, backup often and please post any feedback on the Synology forums for others to assist you as I probably can't.

1) If you've used a previous version of subversion on your NAS, please clear out the /usr/local sub-directories prior to copying in files from this latest version to avoid file name collisions, be sure not to remove something unrelated to subversion that has also been installed in the /usr/local directories!
2) If you haven't already you should create a shared folder called svn with at minimum read/write permissions for root  (the base repository directory can be changed in the /usr/local/etc/sysconfig/subversion file if you prefer something other than /volume1/svn

1) Copy the tar.gz file to one of your shared directories on the DS508
2) Log in as root to the DS508 (telnet or ssh)
3) Run:  cd /volume1/<ShareName>    (where <ShareName is the folder you copied the tar.gz file)
4) Run:  tar -xvzf subversion-1.5.4_ds508.tar.gz
5) Run:  cd subversion-1.5.4
6) Run:  cp -r * /usr/local

Start the svnserve process manually (it will automatically start in the future upon bootup):
1) Run:  cd /usr/local/etc/rc.d
2) Run:  ./ start

1) Run:  cd /volume1/svn
2) Run:  svnadmin create test
3) From here it's easiest to follow the rest of the Synology Subversion Guide starting at Set Repository Permissions

Q) You're using root rather than a separate svnowner user account to run svnserve, is that wise?
A)  Probably not and is likely a security risk and you are encouraged to modify the setup to your heart's content.

Q) I'd rather use subversion over Apache (+SSL) or tunneled through SSH, can you help me configure either of those?
A) No, but only because I don't know how :(

Q) Will this work on any of the other Synology NAS boxes?
A) Theoretically it should at least work on the boxes with the same architecture (Freescale 8543 PPC), but that may or may not pan out.

Q) What firmware have you used this with?
A) Only 722, hopefully future versions will be fully compatible, never tried it with older firmware.

I'm sorry, but I cannot provide any installation or usage assistance and please remember that this compilation has not been extensively tested; use this application and information at your own risk!

Lance Beddawi,
Nov 26, 2008, 12:27 AM