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Security Apps

Having a secure development environment is not something that should be taken for granted. Here is a list of some of applications I use on my development PC (Windows 7 64bit). If you have other suggestions please leave a comment. Unless otherwise stated all the applications are free.


I generally go for avast! antivirus [YouTube Video]. It includes a number of inbuilt resident shields that block and monitor everything from network traffic to the potential browser based threats.  As far as I can tell it hardly uses any resources and only pops up at the bottom right to inform me of signature updates.

Virus Total is another choice is you have a file you aren't to sure about even though your anti-virus hasn't flagged up a problem. Just upload the file and it will check it against a number of virus scanners. Max file upload is 32MB.


I have always used ZoneAlarm (free version). It is easy to use and doesn't consume many resources. The only annoying thing is the occasional popup relating to new products.

Password Storage

KeePass [YouTube Video] is the application I use for password protection. It is free, you can get a portable version and it is easy to use. I don't like using the browser-based password saving applications and typing in lengthy passwords has never bothered me.

Data Backup

There are a combination of tools I use for data backup. The first is TrueCrypt for backing up KeePass database files, the second is Dropbox for cloud storage and the third is Synkron for creating local\network backups. As well as that I backup to an external USB Drive as well.

With TrueCrypt, I create a file container of say 200MB, mount that as and when required. Within this I put any code etc. I then upload that to Dropbox (2GB isn't alot, but the software just works and it is cross-platform).  TrueCrypt can also be put on a memory stick.