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Remote Access

VNC is fine when wanting to connect to PCs on the same network. If you want to remote in to a site miles away, you are probably going to want to try another application.

The two I tend to stick with are TeamViewer and LogMeIn both of which are free for non-commercial use. If you are looking to some one-off installing, testing or troubleshooting on a remote PC then I would go with TeamViewer. If you are more interested in keeping an eye on a server or a machine you are likely to have to repeatedly connect to, I would choose LogMeIn.


TeamViewer is free for non-commercial use and is an extremely simple program to use. Launch it on your PC (Client), get the other person (Host) to launch it on theirs and then simply get the Host to provide you with their 'ID' and 'Passcode' or vice-versa. I have only used it on Windows systems, so I can't really comment on how it works on Linux or Mac. If you want to view some details regarding the security of using TeamViewer, read the following 'TeamViewer Security Statement'. 


LogMeIn Free is different from TeamViewer in that you first have to create a LogMeIn account and then add the computers you wish to control. When you install the actual LogMeIn program it will be in pro-trial-mode for 30 days (you get file-transfer support) and after that you will get the choice of either buying the pro version or just carrying on using the Free version. 

To access your PCs you login to the website and simply click on the relevant machine and control away. A comparison of the different versions and their features is located on the 'Product Comparison' page.