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Project Hosting

If you are looking to host some software, open source in particular you have a few choices. You don't have to stick to just the one, you can make a project available on as many as you want, although sticking with just the one will obviously be easier to maintain.

This is the main project host that I use for all my development work. I tend to stick with SourceForge as I have used it for so over 7 years and never had any problems. Their features are excellent as well, they include...
  • Version control ; CVS, SVN and Git.
  • You get your own project website and sub-domain
  • PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin
  • Issue Tracking, Stats Tracking and Project Forums and Wikis


I haven't used GitHub myself but I believe it is more aimed towards code collaboration, so if you are an individual developer like me probably not the best choice. As the name suggests it uses Git for version control.

Google Code

I haven't tried Google Code myself but I know that it offers version control services such as Git and SVN. Issue Tracking, Project File Storage and a Wiki are all provided.