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Development Tools

Unless otherwise stated, all these applications are free to use.

XAMPP [YouTube Video]

XAMPP is a bundled up installation of a number of key applications required for web development. The packages included of note are
Using XAMPP you can have a web-development environment setup within 5 minutes.


jQuery is just one of the JavaScript Frameworks that I use. It includes a number of helper functions and plugins relating to Ajax, data-pickers etc. You name it there will more than likely be a jQuery plugin.


Prototype is the another JavaScript Framework that I use. I have mainly used this for Ajax related functions. I tend to use jQuery more now, due to the plug-ins and theme support.

Apache Ant

I use Apache Ant when doing Java programming as it provides an easy to compile, test and package applications. Configuration is done via an XML file, so it is quite straight-forward to configure.

Eclipse IDE

I generally do most coding with a text-editor such as Notepad++ but the Eclipse IDE is a great program to use for getting an idea of layouts, especially when using Java. The debugging tools are a lifesaver when trying to squash bugs.
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