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Install and Run VNCed

Installing VNCed

All that is required to install VNCed, is to extract the downloaded .zip file . Next, you just have to run the app and configure the servers list.

In order to run VNCed you need the following
  • UltraVNC (recommended VNC tool to use on clients) installed on at least 1 client PC.
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.4 or above installed on the PC that is going to be running VNCed.
In the main application folder you will find the following files, if you are on a Linux based PC use the '.sh' files.


'run.bat' should be tried first. If the clients you are connecting to use a higher resolution the select the appropriate '.bat' file to use.

Main Screen

When you first launch VNCed you will see a image of a 'no entry' sign. Before you can connect to your VNC clients you first need to add them in.
  1. Select 'Actions' from the menu toolbar.
  2. Select 'Edit Server List'
  3. Press 'Edit Server'
  4. Fill the options as required.
  5. Press the 'OK' button
  6. Press 'Save Server List'
  7. Close the 'Edit Server List' window.
  8. Restart VNCed for the changes to take effect.
  9. To added more servers, just repeat the above process.
The Edit Server List Options

 Option     Description Default
 Display NameThe text that appears on the monitoring view. blank
 Hostname or IP Client PC IP or Hostname SERVERNAMEORIP
 Port VNC listening port of client 5900
 Password Type VNC password method used by client Plaintext Password
 Input Enabled mouse\keyboard input enabled Enabled
 Caster Server Port optional chat server connection port 4111