Race Date Rumors

The german fourcross union provides this page with provisorial race dates for 2016 for race organizators in order to minimize conflict dates.
Please provide us with your race dates (even not confimed ones) and we will enter the in this table.

We are willing to publish race dates for MTB Short Track Gravity Formats as:
  • 4X
  • Dual
  • Dual Eliminator
  • Pumptrack
Please send new race dates to:  race-date-rumors(a)german4xunion.de

Remark: We cannot take any responsibility on correctness of the info on this page.
Please send us a note if you detect errors or wrong info.
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DateCountryRace SeriesVenueFormatStatusLink
DateCountryRace SeriesVenueFormatStatusLink
2. April 2017 Swizerland European 4X Series Indoorbikepark Pfäffikon Dual rumor  
8. April 2017 Swizerland Urban Bike Festival Zürich Pumptrack rumor  
9. April 2017 France 4X Pro Tour Azur Bike Park 4X rumor  
23. April 2017 Swizerland European 4X Series Homberg  rumor www.4cross.ch 
30. April 2017 Germany European 4X Series Reutlingen 4X rumor PanzergelaendeReutlingen 
6. Mai 2017 Swizerland Bikedays Solothurn Pumptrack rumor  
14. Mai 2017 Swizerland European 4X Series Winterthur 4X rumor  
28. Mai 2017 Germany Dirt Masters Winterberg 4X rumor www.dirtmasters-festival.de 
3. Juni 2017 Scottland  Fort William 4X rumor  
2. Juli 2017 Germany European Fourcross Series Ohlsbach 4X rumor www.bikepark-rsk.de 
8. Juli 2017 Germany Deutsche Meisterschaft  4X rumor  
15. Juli 2017 Germany Europeam Fourcross Series Berkheim 4X rumor  
15. Juli 2017 CZE 4X Pro Tour JBC 4X rumor  
23. Juli 2017 Germany European 4X Series Steinweiler Dual Eliminator Rumor  
23. Juli 2017 Italy Italian National Championship  4X rumor  
29. Juli 2017 Italy European 4X Series Sarntal 4X rumor  
2. September 2017 Slovenia  Ajdovščina   https://www.facebook.com/bikeajdovscina/ 
10. September 2017 Germany European 4X Series Winnenden Dual rumor  
23. September 2017 Swizerland European 4X Series Leibstadt 4X rumor  
30. September 2017 Germany European 4X Series Wolfach 4X rumor  
20 Elemente werden angezeigt