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Wirehair Pointers follow their noses.  That's just the way they are, and we love 'em for it.

But this can cause a problem later in life if your Wirehair starts to wander away from home on a regular basis.

Teaching your dog not to run away is a process that should start as a puppy.

The mistake most Wirehair Pointer owners make is to follow their puppy when it wanders away. What should actually be done if you want to prevent future run-aways is to let the puppy wander, keeping an eye on him or her but acting as though you're not paying attention. That way, your puppy will eventually realize that he or she is wandering off, and that it needs to pay attention and stay near you in order not to get lost.

This habit of staying near you rather than wandering off and being followed, when instilled as a puppy, is sure to remain throughout that puppy's life. It not only nurtures attentiveness in your dog, but reinforces your status as "pack leader," since they need to follow you and not vice versa!

Recognizing you as pack leader from an early age in this way will promote love and security in your dog, and will prevent dangerous run-away situations in the future!

In-Ground "Contain-n-Train" for Your Wirehair's Safety

Innotek UltraSmart Contain 'N' Train In-Ground Pet Fencing & Remote Training System ()

Another option is the new Innotek UltraSmart in-ground pet fencing systems.  These systems set a new standard in dog training and protection. The difference is in the sleek, streamlined comfortable collar - 30% smaller and lighter than other pet fencing receivers.

Exclusive ReadyTest produces a brief pleasant clicking from the collar to assure you of perfect collar contact. Don't leave your dog's safety to chance. Make sure you have the proper collar fit with ReadyTest.

An Innotek Exclusive! Keep your dog safe in the yard and well behaved. Only Innotek can offer in-ground pet fencing and remote training system in one package. The comfortable UltraSmart collar does double duty, bot as a pet fencing collar and as a remote training collar. Training in the yard or outside property. System includes all elements of our UltraSmart in-ground fencing system, plus a pocket-sized controller.

Training features 7 levels of stimulaton, tone-only training and more. Advanced technology and contoured collar fit Full function handled remote trainer included -150 yard range. Waterproof-Collar and transmitter stand up to rough punishment, even submerged in water. Rechargable lithium ion batteries - fast-charging and long life. System comes equipped to cover 1/2 acre. Expands up to 25 acres with optional wire kits. 24/7 battery backup, so that the pet fencing system operates even if there's a neighborhood power failure.

Patented run-through prevention offers reliable and secure pet containment. Ready Test: You'll always know your dog's collar is ready and working! Right collar fit indicator. Your dog's comfort and safety depends on a proper collar fit. Too loose and the collar won't wok and too tight your dog won't be comfortable. Only Innotek UltraSmart collar emit a brief audible click to let you know the collar is on right and functioning properly. On-board sysem check. Don't leave your dog's safety to chance. UltraSmart collars alert you to potential problems before it's too late.

After changing, UltraSmart collars automatically perform a vital systems check to ensure proper operation of the power and electronic circuits. A green light means all systems are functioning properly and a flashing red light indicates there is a collar problem. 3-way battery indicator. Never run out of batter power again. ReadyTest monitors battery levels in your dog's collar. Green is more than half a charge, yellow means less than half and red means charge collar at the next opportunity.

This product includes wall-mounted interior transmitter, collar charger, collar reciever, micro remote, training DVD, boundary wire, lightning protector, and training flags. Here's how your Innotek In-ground Pet Fencing System works: When your dog approaches the buried wire, a radio signal tells the dog's collar to administer a warning tone followed by harmless yet effective stimulation. Twisted wire from the system's control center to the boundary allows your pet to pass safely over.  Exclusively from PETCO.


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