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Science of Salvation


There are so many reasons to adopt an older dog from a shelter.

For one thing, they're already trained.  They know basic verbal commands, maybe even hand gestures.  And best of all, they won't pee on your carpet!

They make great companions. Older dogs don't require the constant supervision that a puppy needs, and yet they will love you like a parent!

Older dogs are full of life and love! My 11-year-old German Wirehair Pointer has more energy than I do.  She loves running and playing... vets always think she's a young pup!

The bottom line is that older dogs deserve loving homes, too. Puppies will be adopted without too much difficulty, but lots of the older dogs in a shelter are destined to live out their days in a cage. Adopt an older dog and save a life!

Adoption Resources

An online, searchable database of high-quality animals that need homes.  A directory of over 9,000 shelters across the US, Canada and Mexico.  Search for your perfect pet.


Adoption from Humane Societies.

Save a puppy, rescue an older dog.