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            Peer-Reviewed publications:


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Oral Presentations:


Neurosurgery in the Rockies meeting, March 1998

            Intramedullary cavernomas: clinical presentation.

            Deutsch H, Jallo G, Epstein F.  


            Congress of Neurological Surgeons 49th Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, November, 1999.

            Spinal Intramedullary cavernomas: Clinical presentation and surgical outcome

            Deutsch H, Jallo G, Fakovich A, Epstein F.


Congress of Neurological Surgeons. 50th Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, September, 2000.  Adjunctive use of the endoscope in posterior fossa surgery for cranial neuropathies.

Deutsch H, King WA, Wackym, PA


Neurosurgery in the Rockies meeting, March 2002

Medical Management of Acromegaly.

Deutsch H, Post KD


Congress of Neurological Surgeons 53rd Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, October 2003. Adjacent level degeneration after occipito-cervical fusion.

Deutsch H, Haid RW, Rodts GE, Mummaneni PV


            C5 Palsies after cervical decompression: prevention via continuous intraoperative EMG.  Dec. 2004, CSRS Meeting, Boston, MA.

Jimenez J, Sani S, Deutsch H, Ratliff, JK


Discogenic Pain/Discography. AANS/CNS Section on Pain Biennial Meeting. (General Session) Chicago, IL April 2008.

Deutsch H.


Cervical myelopathy and treatment. American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine, Quebec, Canada, October, 2010.





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Deutsch H. Minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion with unilateral pedicle screws.  AANS meeting. San Francisco, CA (May 04)







            Medical advisor at Medschool.com (1998-1999)

            Florida Medical Society (County representative 1994-1995)

Elected resident representative to the Medical Board, Mt. Sinai Hospital, NewYork, NY (2001-2002)

            Community Editor for Spineuniverse.com (2003 – present)

            Topic Editor for Spineuniverse.com (2005-present)

            Co-director of the Rush Spine Center (2004- present)